What Makes Us Special

We believe in hugs and wiping away tears. 

We believe in high fives, helping our friends, and laughing together. 

Those beliefs have helped us create an environment that raises confident and kind children for almost 2 decades!

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Lyndhurst Middle schoolers reading to Groovy students!

Educational visits from the Dentist!

LFD teaches us about Fire Safety!

Graduation Day for Pre-K 4 students!

At our facility we believe that we are an extended family for your children. 

We are a privately owned establishment that offers an experience similar to stepping into a lively and welcoming home rather than a formal institution. 

We emphasize the significance of working together and maintaining open communication with parents to gain deeper insights into our students' identities and requirements.

At Groovy, we seamlessly integrate experiences into our curriculum, blurring the lines between fun and learning!

We host annual events such as: 

At Groovy, we prioritize easing the transition for students dealing with separation anxiety. We encourage independence and actively assist in transitioning your child towards potty training.

All of our teachers are First Aid and CPR certified. 

Tie Dye Day!