Don't take our word for it - here's what just a few of our many happy parents have to say about their experiences with Groovy:

Nuria Velez 
 (December 22, 2015)

Emma absolutely loves each and every teacher in this program. She learns every single day. As a parent I couldn't be any happier to have found Groovy Connections! Happy Holidays!

Jessica Illuzzi 
 (December 16, 2015)
By far one of the best programs. The love and care each teacher provides is commendable not only do they LOVE they also TEACH which is the most important part of development for our young ones and they do it in a fun way too. My daughter loves to go to school everyday. We love the Groovy staff and we are happy to be apart of the Groovy family. 

Ricardo Camacho 
February 17, 2015)

NURTURE, NURTURE, NURTURE! This is the absolute best place for my daughter!

Teachers and staff are all caring, sweet and very patient . Great learning atmosphere My little ones love coming :) perfect place for little ones to social n make new friends. :)
from Facebook.com/GroovyConnections May 2014

I am ever so grateful to have been recommended this amazing program for my daughter. Groovy Connections is like no other child care environment. Its like a family to my daughter. One of the best feelings is when you hear your child ask you to go to school on Saturdays and Sunday! Thanks Groovy and their exceptional staff!!  
from Facebook.com/GroovyConnections Jan 2014

"We are so happy our oldest son David was able to be part of the Groovy family as a toddler straight through to the Enrichment Program.  The programs Groovy has set up to allow toddlers to acclimate to a structured program are perfect for a child who has never been away from home. As a 20 month old, David had never been in a day care setting. We started with Open Gym which quite honestly took David a few visits to adjust to. But the staff assured me this was normal and they gave him room to explore and adapt at his own pace, which he quickly did. The 2 hour Open Gym sessions are perfect for this first experience away from home.  

We soon started with My Amazing Days, a more structured program and then as soon as he was able to move on from that, David began the Enrichment Program when he was 2 1/2.  He thrived in the Enrichment Program and just graduated, in our opinion, more than ready for Kindergarten both socially and academically. 

Thank you, Groovy Connections for introducing education to our child in such a fun and relaxing way that, while he misses Groovy and still talks about his friends there, he is excited about Kindergarten and has no anxiety about it. We can't wait for our younger son to start Open Gym and repeat the whole process!"

-Kim, mother of David - Groovy Graduate 2013 

"My husband and I cannot begin to express our deepest gratitude for all the love, compassion, hard work, effort and dedication shown to our son Noah.  Groovy was our first experience with a school and we both feel that we could not have chosen a better facility for our son to grow, learn and develop his learning and social skills.  Noah learned to love school, which made the start of Kindergarten easier.  Groovy Connections gave us the confidence and trust we were looking for in a school.  As a parent, it's extremely difficult to leave your child (most prized possession) with a complete stranger, but with Groovy's reassurance and understanding it made our decision in choosing Groovy Connections easy. I know as a nervous mother I questioned (many many questions) and texted (numerous times) to check in on Noah.  I did not once receive a negative reaction from any of the staff. 
It goes without  saying that the teachers at Groovy Connections are wonderful and caring individuals but I just had to share the lasting impact Mrs. Angela has given Noah and our family.  Mrs. Angela has always welcomed and greeted the parents and children with a warm smile and positive outlook.  She provides a great balance of grace and authority with the children, she really loves the children and demonstrates her passion for the job and is a wonderful communicator.  We are very fond of her!

Noah's time came to move on to the next chapter of his life, we are truly going to miss Groovy Connections (especially Mrs. Angela).  We could not have been happier with out time there.  It's very hard to leave such a warm and caring environment(if only we could have taken Mrs. Angela with us to Kindergarten).  Thank you for preparing Noah for the next chapter. "
Sincerely, Enit
Mother of Noah, Groovy Enrichment Graduate 2012 AND Groovy Camper 2013

"I was so ecstatic to find groovy connections. A place my son, and soon his sister, can go and not only interact with other children his age but also learn his ABC's, 123's and how to behave in a socialized manner. I, like Evan, think very highly of Miss Angela and Mrs. Lucia, they  treat each student the same but they teach by their individual needs."

Thanks again
Denise Da Silva

"Thank you so much for making my daughter's birthday party at Groovy Connections a memorable one!! When I had my Chloe's 4th birthay at your facility I was greatly impressed with how organized and smoothly the party ran. I mostly appreciated how I was able to customize the theme and make it our own. It was a no brainer to have my other daughter, Isabella's party there. We received the same great attention to detail and attentiveness. The staff were greatly accomodating and extremely helpful. The kids had a blast and there was never a dull moment. My guests were also greatly impressed with their new facility and inquired about hosting their own party at Groovy Connections. Kudos to Groovy and their staff for yet again another wonderful party experience. It was so effortless!!!"

Claudia Rosario

"This school has it all- small classes, a top notch curriculum, caring and loving teachers, a learning environment that just brings out the very best in your child.

My son has been going to this school for almost 7 months and you wouldn’t believe how much he has changed in EVERY WAY!. He has completely come out of his shell, and that is only because of the teachers at this school .He feels safe and confident here. He LOVES his teachers and all the friends he has made. He has been to 3 other schools and never has he talked about his friends , his teachers and all the stuff he learned as he does at the this school. I owe everything to this staff here. I am more than excited they are offering a 5 day a week program in the fall. I can’t wait to see how he grows and learns this upcoming year. If this school offered a kindergarten program, you can bet I would be signing him up for that this school is that good... My mother is a teacher and was astounded when she learned of all the things my son Jack is learning at this school. Some of things they learn are on a 1st grade level !

This school is a blessing and I can assure there isn’t a better school out there. This school has it all!

-Margaret Mahoney