Student of the Month

Every child at Groovy Connections has a turn at being the Student of the Month.  At Groovy we believe it's super important to honor this time in our children's lives because they develop in so many different ways.  Everyone has their own pace and personality which is what makes this time so much fun! So every month we'll celebrate our kids being kids!

The January Student of the Month is James!
Congratulations James for being the student of the month for January!
  1. James is very intelligent.
  2. He is very good at art and enjoys it.
  3. Jame loves to create with play doh.
  4. He has a smile that warms your heart.
  5. James is a great friend and loves to share with his friends as well.

Yay to you James, because like all of your friends, 

you are already just perfect. 
We are SO proud!